We want to know! (Wir Wollen’s Wissen; W3) How our students‘ competencies are doing! Supplemental study on distance learning: How do students learn in lockdown?

Author(s) Christoph Weber, Christoph Helm, David Kemethofer
Institution(s) University of Education Upper Austria, Johannes-Kepler-University Linz, Private University of Education Diocese Linz



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Theoretical framework/approach The W3 study, launched in 2018, is concerned with the use of the learning progress assessment tool www.quop.de for instructional development at the primary level. According to the design of the W3-study, children's performance data are continuously collected from the beginning of grade 1 to grade 4 (quop tests, additional surveys). In a supplemental study, data on parental involvement in distance schooling and children's learning during the lockdown in the spring of 2020 were collected. The assessment of parental involvement draws on Deci and Ryan's self-determination theory.
Research questions

The parent survey focuses on the following questions:

How do parents perceive and manage distance learning?

How do parents act in supporting their children in learning for school?

By combining parent survey data with longitudinal reading achievement data, the following questions will be explored:

Do achievement gaps widen in lockdown?

Do social and or ethnic disparities in achievement widen?

What role does parental support play in learning progress during lockdown?

Themes / topics
Distance learning, learning progress, educational inequalities, parental involvement. 
Main findings of study / highlights
  • Social and ethnic educational inequalities in reading (2nd grade) widened during the 1st lockdown.
  • Parental involvement hardly varies between different social and ethnic backgrounds
Methods Quantitative panel study
Analytic Appraoch Causal
Desig of data collection

Panel design. Ongoing assessment of children’s achievement through learning progress assessment www.quop.de and additional tests (ELFE II, FIPS).

Parent surveys (paper-pencil), teacher surveys (online and paper-pencil).

Time(s) of data collection Parent surveys in summer 2019 and summer 2020; Baseline tests 1st grade in November to January 2018; Ongoing learning progress assessments (quop). Post-lockdown reading test in June 2020.
Kind of sampling, kind and number of sample

Convenience sample (teachers volunteered to participate with their classes).

In the 1st Corona school year (2019/20), 37 teachers and 579 2nd grade students participated in the project. In addition, 281 parent questionnaires were returned.

Geographical area Upper Austria

Weber, C., Kemethofer, D., & Helm, C. (2020). Wir Wollen’s Wissen! – Wie es um die Kompetenzen unserer Schüler/innen steht. SchulVerwaltung spezial(4), 175-176.

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