TREE (Transitions from Education to Employment)

Autorinnen und Autoren Ben JannRolf BeckerAndrés GomensoroSandra Hupka-BrunnerMaarten KoomenDominique Krebs-OeschThomas MeyerBarbara MüllerChristina von RotzStefan Sacchi
Institution(en) University of Bern
Zeitpunkt(e)/Zeitraum der Erhebung(en) ongoing study
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Secondary ,Vocational training,Higher Education,other


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TREE (Transitions from Education to Employment) is a prospective longitudinal multi-cohort study following up two large, nationally and regionally representative samples (valid gross sample at 1st follow-up panel: N=6.343 resp. 8.429) of compulsory school leavers on their pathways through post-compulsory education, labour market entry and professional career. The second TREE cohort (TREE2) has left compulsory school in 2016 and to date has been re-interviewed four times at yearly intervals. Beyond detailed (month-to-month) observation/reconstruction of education and labour market activities, survey instrumentation includes abundant context data on health, well-being/satisfaction, social support, financial, family and household situation and many more. The most recent survey panel has been conducted in the first half of 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The next survey panel will be conducted in the first half of 2021 and will include a detailed Covid-19 module which will allow for in-depth analysis of how the sample under observation has been/is affected by the pandemic and how this relates to/affects their educational/labour market careers. Most respondents presently find themselves in the crucial stage/transition from upper secondary education to higher education or the labour market. As further survey panels are planned in subsequent years, TREE2 data will also allow to analyse medium- to long-term effects of the pandemic.



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