Teaching at professional education institutions before, during and after the corona pandemic: challenges and opportunities

Autorinnen und Autoren Belinda Aeschlimann, Miriam Hänni, Ines Trede
Institution(en) Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training
Zeitpunkt(e)/Zeitraum der Erhebung(en) study finished
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Vocational training,Higher Education



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Between 16 March 2020 and 8 June 2020, the corona lockdown led to a nationwide ban on face-to-face teaching at tertiary level. In order to ensure the continuity of teaching at professional education institutions, an immediate transition from conventional teaching to distance learning was necessary. The abrupt change required immediate pedagogical and organisational adjustments. In order to identify the opportunities and risks associated with this change, we study how teachers dealt with mandatory distance learning, what their experiences were and what challenges they faced.

We sent an online questionnaire to teachers at professional education institutions to gather information about their teaching practices before, during and after the corona crisis. The results of the quantitative survey are interpreted within the overall context of ongoing digitalisation of teaching at professional education institutions.

A total of 187 teachers from around 20 different professional education institutions in the German-speaking region of Switzerland took part in the quantitative survey. In larger-sized institutions, around 40 per cent of the teachers contacted filled out the online questionnaire. The participating professional education institutions and teachers cover a wide range of subject areas (social care, health care, technology, hotel industry, business). This allows us to examine potential similarities and differences between institutions. The quantitative survey was conducted from mid-August to the end of September 2020.

A detailed description of descriptive results is available here (in German): https://www.ehb.swiss/obs/Fernunterricht-an-hoeheren-Fachschulen


miriam.haenni@ehb.swiss; belinda.aeschlimann@ehb.swiss


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