Multiple burdens under COVID-19: home office and domestic work

Autorinnen und Autoren Katharina Mader
Institution(en) WU Wien
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The exit restrictions imposed in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic offer a unique opportunity to investigate the effect of home office arrangements on the distribution of unpaid work in households. Home office is often described as a mechanism that makes it easier for women to combine childcare and work. It has not yet been possible to systematically investigate whether and to what extent this is the case in Austria. An online survey collects relevant among Viennese participants. It examines how home offices affect the distribution of unpaid work in households and what proportion of unpaid work in households with children under 15 is performed by mothers, albeit a second parent is at home due to home office, unemployment or short-time work.



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Analytische Ausrichtung mixed method study
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Distance learning, mixed methods, young adults

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