Author(s) Danguole Bylaite-Salavejiene
Institution(s) Vytautas Magnus University, Education Academy, Institute for Professional Development


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Theoretical framework/approach School Barometer method
Research questions
School Barometer method/Questions to school staff
Themes / topics

Distance learning during the Covid-19 pandemic in Lithuanian Schools

Main findings of study / highlights


Despite the fact that only a small number of Lithuanian schools had previously used distance learning practices on a regular basis, the school community was able to focus on and solve the challenges together during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To provide high-quality distance learning services to schools in the future, it is important to achieve the following long-term goals: to update distance learning platforms, to develop digital learning content and new teaching methods that ensure involvement of all students.

Great attention should also be paid to the organization of distance learning in order to reduce the workload of students, parents and teachers and to improve working conditions, including the provision of appropriate computer equipment and internet access.

It is equally important to ensure continuous training of the school community members by introducing distance learning tools.

Methods Mixed method
Analytic Appraoch Descriptive, explorative, explatative
Desig of data collection
Time(s) of data collection March – April 2020, January – April 2021
Kind of sampling, kind and number of sample
451 respondents
Geographical area Lithuania
„Distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic: School barometer_Lithuania“
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