FORS Covid-19 additional survey

Author(s) Swiss Household Panel Team
Institution(s) FORS

Maybe further partner(s)
Theoretical framework/approach General study
Research questions
Implications of the pandemic on homeschooling and work-life balance
Themes / topics

Homeschooling, SHP, Household Panel, longitudinal

Main findings of study / highlights
  • French speaking region more affected during first semi-confinement
  • Changes in work situation influence whether affected
  • For some a challenge but also opportunity to spend time with children
Methods Quantitative study, survey based
Analytic Appraoch Descriptive, causal
Desig of data collection

Internet and paper based

Time(s) of data collection May/June 2020
Kind of sampling, kind and number of sample

n 5843, part oft he SHP-panel, quasi-representative, weighted

Geographical area Switzerland

Refle, J.-E., Voorpostel, M., Lebert, F., Kuhn, U., Klaas, H.S., Ryser, V.-A., Dasoki, N., Monsch, G.-A., Antal, E., & Tillmann, R. (2020). First results of the Swiss Household Panel – Covid-19 Study. FORS Working Paper Series, paper 2020-1. Lausanne: FORS.

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Data freely available, possibility of longitudinal analysis

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