FormProf: Skillmatch in vocational training

Autorinnen und Autoren Andrea PlataLoredana Addimando, PhD
Institution(en) Department of Education and Learning of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland
Zeitpunkt(e)/Zeitraum der Erhebung(en) ongoing study
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Vocational training,Higher Education


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The work is part of a wider research-action project called Skillmatch-Insubria (Interreg) which involves companies, policy makers and training organisations in the insubric region in an attempt to realign the labour market by aligning vocational training with the current and future needs of companies in terms of skills profiles.

The aim of the FormProf project is to investigate, through a qualitative approach, the responses of trainers and training institutions to the new challenges posed by changes in society and the labour market (e.g. technological progress and digitalization of processes and products, demographic evolution, globalisation, migration phenomena and the recent Covid-19 pandemic which has increased phenomena such as blended-learning and smart-working) which are putting local educational and economic systems under strain.



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