Exploring the impact of COVID-19 on mental health and well-being in Austria

Autorinnen und Autoren Judit Simon
Institution(en) MedUni Wien
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Impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and its public health measures go beyond physical and mental health and incorporate wider well-being impacts in terms of what people are free to do or be which can be measured using the Capability Approach. This project aims to assess impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and related lockdowns on people’s capabilities, mental health, well-being and social support, especially in the case of specific vulnerable groups in Austria, e.g. people with pre-existing conditions and older age, people with mental health problems or those who were infected with Covid-19. The project also explores the perceptions of the Covid-19 situation and implemented public health measures among the Austrian population.
Data were collected at two timepoints using an online survey: in May and November 2020 with questions referring to the time period of two lockdowns implemented in Austria (March-April and November-December). 560 study participants were included in the first timepoint of data collection and 134 in the second data collection. The online survey consisted of questions referring to socio-demographic characteristics of the study respondents, Covid-19 (e.g. information about the infections with Covid-19), lockdowns (e.g. perceptions of the public health measures during the lockdowns in Austria), and included standardised outcome instruments measuring capabilities (OxCAP-MH), depression and anxiety (HADS), mental well-being (WHO-5) and social support (MSPSS).




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Analytische Ausrichtung mixed method study, qualitative interviews
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Posted work, labour mobility, social protection

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