Distance Learning and Parental Experiences during Covid-19-Pandemic (FEE)

Author(s) Anselm Böhmer
Institution(s) Ludwigsburg University of Education

Tel. +49 7141 140-312

Reuteallee 46

D-71634 Ludwigsburg


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Theoretical framework/approach Parental Involvement, Social Differences
Research questions

How experience parents the situation of distance learning – and which social and technical conditions can be found?

Themes / topics

Distance Learning, Parental Involvement, Social Differences

Main findings of study / highlights

amount and content of learning material motivated parents,
low income did not burden parent’s willingness

Methods quantitative
Analytic Appraoch explorative
Desig of data collection

Online Survey

Time(s) of data collection 10. May - 1. August 20
Kind of sampling, kind and number of sample

Random Sample, Parents, 1,100

Geographical area Germany

Böhmer, A. (2020). Zwischen Didaktik und Engagement. Fernunterricht und Eltern-Erfahrungen während der Covid-19-Pandemie. Der pädagogische Blick, 28(3), S. 172-186.

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Further information

Second wave of survey planned.

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