COVIDiSTRESS global survey consortium

Autorinnen und Autoren Dayana Hristova (Uni Wien), Andreas Lieberoth  (Uni Aarhus)
Institution(en) Aarhus University, Uni Wien
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COVIDiSTRESS is a collaborative global survey – an open science effort to improve understanding of the human experiences of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. It is a cross-cultural study of psychological and behavioural responses to the Coronavirus pandemic and associated government measures like cancellation of public functions and stay at home orders implemented in many countries. In addition to demographics, the first online survey (Mar – May 2020) collects measures of Asian Disease Problem, perceived stress (PSS-10), availability of social provisions (SPS-10), trust in various authorities, trust in governmental measures to contain the virus (OECD trust), personality traits (BFF-15), information behaviours, agreement with the level of government intervention, and compliance with preventive measures, along with a rich pool of exploratory variables and written experiences. A global consortium from 39 countries and regions worked together to build and translate a survey with variables of shared interests, and recruited participants in 47 languages and dialects. (Lead: Aarhus University)



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Analytische Ausrichtung policy analysis, modelling
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