COVID-19: Social Situation Analysis in Austria

Autorinnen und Autoren Anette Scoppetta
Institution(en) European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research
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The project Social Situation Analysis has four modules, whereas the European Centre contributes to module III – Expertise on affected groups. We draft two chapters: 1) Single parents; and 2) People with disabilities. The chapters will cover the overall situation prior to COVID-19 based on the existing information and data of research with special attention paid to the EU-SILC data, elaborate on available information based on COVID-19 both as an amplifier and as a trigger for new problems and include derivations consisting of gaps and weaknesses in the social system, possible research approaches; and recommendations for action (short, medium and long-term). Gender and migration are horizontally covered topics of the two chapters.



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Analytische Ausrichtung mixed method study
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Medical students; resources; gender aspects; intersectionality

Theoretischer Rahmen/Zugang Gesellschaft, Psychologie
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