CoAct – Co-designing Citizen Social Science for Collective Action

Autorinnen und Autoren Katja Mayer
Institution(en) ZSI
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CoAct develops and tests open and participatory methodologies for Citizen Social Science to enable citizens and communities to co-shape decision making processes, and further develop the theoretical and methodological framework of Citizen Social Science. To this end, citizens sharing a social concern are engaged as full co-researchers, who co-design and dynamically co-evaluate the research process in the context of three mission-oriented actions in Barcelona, Vienna and Buenos Aires. All three CoAct actions are touched by the COVID-19 crisis: In Barcelona, citizen experiencing mental disorders and their families are confronted with new challenges posed by increased social isolation. In Vienna, young people who do not attend school or other types of education are hit especially hard by the economic turbulences and rising numbers of unemployment. In Buenos Aires, questions of environmental justice are especially
pertinent when both poor populations as well as people living in regions with high environmental pollution face higher rates of infections and fatalities by SARS-CoV-2. As all cases are developed in concert with citizen co-researchers, the current crisis is expected to be featured prominently in all of them.



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