Autorinnen und Autoren Barbara Kieslinger
Institution(en) ZSI
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“Careables” is a community of people and organizations committed to creating open, personalized healthcare for everyone. It emerged from the EU-funded H2020 joint project MADE4YOU, which is coordinated by ZSI.
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the risks and limits of being dependent solely on centralized large corporations and governments, and sparked an unprecedented interest in local, distributed, and openly accessible manufacturing of health products such as face masks to address the massive unmet needs that emerged during the crisis.
Therefore, Careables gathers, documents and shares information and open source solutions to combat COVID-19 in response to the current pandemic crisis. The scope of the project goes far beyond Europe.
The Careables COVID-19 collection currently includes around 30 designs of open solutions that are shared worldwide.



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Analytische Ausrichtung qualitative interviews
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Health communication, refugees, migrants, COVID-19

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