Agile Adoption of a Digital Education Platform in Primary Schools during the Pandemic

Autorinnen und Autoren Denis Gillet, Juan Carlos Farah, André Nogueira, Isabelle Vonèche Cardia, María Jesús Rodríguez-Triana, Paul Oberson
Institution(en) EPFL, Tallinn University, Service écoles-médias Genève
Zeitpunkt(e)/Zeitraum der Erhebung(en) ongoing study
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The State of Geneva decided to offer the platform to primary school teachers during the lockdown in spring 2020. The platform was implemented mainly for interaction and document sharing between teachers and parents. Some interaction with students also occurred.

The study reports on the implementation and the adoption of the platform by the users, based on the process implemented and the data gathered. Data are extracted from interaction with the techno-pedagogical support team, as well as from analytics in shared public or private spaces. The way the teachers organised their spaces with respect to their weekly programs and disciplines taught is discussed.

The platform being originally designed for supporting interaction with students at the secondary and and higher education levels, it was require to adapt it swiftly to the new primary school level and parent user group. The lean software development approach implemented and the core enabling features for achieving such adaptation are also discussed.



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