A Scuola in Ticino durante la pandemia di COVID-19. Uno studio esplorativo nella scuola dell’obbligo “At school in Ticino during the COVID-19 pandemics. An exploratory study in mandatory schooling” (the work is only available in Italian)

Author(s) Spartaco Calvo, Luciana Castelli, Michele Egloff, Giancarlo Gola, Lucio Negrini, Alberto Piatti, Lorena Rocca.
Institution(s) Dipartimento Formazione e apprendimento SUPSI The study was carried out on behalf of the Dipartimento dell’educazione, della cultura e dello sport )
Claudia Di Lecce,
Head of Communication, Dipartimento Formazione e apprendimento SUPSI. Claudia.dilecce@supsi.ch
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Theoretical framework/approach The research focused only on compulsory school: pre-primary and primary education and lower secondary education. Investigating the impact of the pandemics and of the measures taken to cope with it on the school system as a whole. The research questions were investigated through online surveys administered to the main identified actors: teachers, pupils, parents and school administrators.
Research questions

How did the measures taken to face the crisis have affected the teaching and learning practices of pupils and teachers? How did students and teachers feel during the phases of distance learning and those of partially in-presence school?

Did teachers and students had to work more, less or the same? Were new teaching practices implemented for distance learning? What was the role played by parents in this “new system”? How well could the parents reconcile their new involvement with the education of their children and their other professional duties? How good was communication within the various actors involved? What were the means of communications chosen? What technological tools were used, and how well did they work? How did the institutional actors involved (politicians, school administrators) managed the emergency? What are the worries for the future?

Themes / topics
Distance-learning, crisis management, role of technologies, psychological and relational dynamics, new teaching methods, role of technology (multimedia and software) in the process
Main findings of study / highlights

80% of parents say they received adequate support from schools and teachers.

Most students (93%) were happy when schools reopened.

Many parents of students declare they had to help very much their children in their learning activities, especially in the organisation of time and methods.

Parents of children in schools for special needs encountered more difficulty than others.

Communication between school and parents was not always efficient and constructive, as we can see by the fact that they have very different perceptions of used means of communication.

Most parents estimate their children received adequate learning requests and homework.

Teachers generally say they worked more than usual during the period of distance learning.

Almost 50% have had technological problems despite the support offered by schools.

Methods Mixed-method study
Analytic Appraoch Descriptive
Desig of data collection
Data was acquired through online surveys: a survey sent to school principals and school administrators, another sent to teachers and another sent to families (parents and pupils) through the schools. The survey included multiple-choice as well as open questions. Data from both type of questions was considered to formulate results.
Time(s) of data collection 2 – 11 June 2020
Kind of sampling, kind and number of sample
Surveys sent to 40.000 individuals. 50% of parents/pupils and 70% of teachers and school administrators participated.
Geographical area Ticino (a Swiss canton)

Calvo, S., Castelli, L., Egloff, M., Gola, G., Negrini, L., Rocca, L., Piatti, A., (2020). A scuola in ticino durante la pandemiadi covid-19Un’indagine nella scuola dell’obbligo – Sintesi dei risultati, Dipartimento formazione e apprendimento – SUPSI.

Piatti, A., Calvo, S., Castelli, L., Di Lecce, C., Egloff, M., Gola, G., Negrini, L., Rocca, L. (2020). Curare i legami educativi messi alla prova dalla pandemia, Scuola Ticinese, No. 338: Anno XLIX, Serie IV, 2

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